Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens infinity Breastfeeding Scarf in Mod Mint Triangle


The itzy ritzy nursing happens infinity breastfeeding scarf offers you a fashionable, everyday accessory that is convenient to wear and use while nursing your baby. This double-duty scarf lets you keep soft closeness and privacy with your baby while staying stylish on the go. At itzy ritzy, we believe that parenting in style is possible.

  • Finished Size: 34 in. x 28 in.
  • Fashionable, everyday scarf that is convenient to wear and use when nursing baby
  • Arrange around your neck to show printed side then unwrap and adjust scarf around your body for complete coverage
  • Maintain eye contact and provide airflow for your baby without snaps or buckles
  • Made of cotton
  • Comes with a warranty against any manufacturing defects at the time of purchase
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Imported