Giraffe Wall Decal

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Step into the lush leaves and look up at this long-necked beauty. This amazingly detailed giraffe brings the drama and beauty of the African plains into your home. Whether as part of a herd or a lone giraffe grazing - this wall mural is a stunning centerpiece to any room. Finished Size: Based on selection. Contents: 1 Decal. Care: Wipe with Damp Cloth Assembly Required.

Small: giraffe-12.5" x 16.25",Leaves 2-7.25" x 4.5";

Medium: giraffe 26.75 x 34.5", Leaves 9.75" x 9.5" - 16.5" x 10";

Large: giraffe 84" x 82.5", Leaves 21" x 17.5" - 10.5" x 16.75".