Light and Bright Pink and Chocolate Brown Polka Dots

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Perfect as accent decor - these pink and brown polka dots are easy to apply and re-apply. There are a range of sizes - from itty bitty to great big dots - so you can mix and match as you see fit. Add these to other decals - or use them all on their own for a fun - girly touch!

Finished Size: 6 Sheets, 2 sheets per color, (39 total of each color: 117 dots) 11-1.5", 9-2", 1-2.5", 3-3", 1-3.5", 3-4", 2-4.5", 3-5", 1-6", 1-7.5", 2-8", 2-10".

Contents: 117 Decals.

Care: Wipe with Damp Cloth Assembly Required.